Law Lettter
A lawyer's letter direct for you


Let us write you a lawyer's letter

- at a fraction of the usual cost

If you are contemplating taking legal action, or making a formal complaint, you may be in two minds as to whether or not to instruct a lawyer, with all the attendant expense.

Why not contact us direct online now, and we provide a formal letter drafted by a lawyer.

Examples of letters we can write on your behalf:

  • complaint to government or local authority
  • demand for refund on a good or service provided to you
  • notice that you are considering legal action
  • formal letter setting out your position in a family dispute

If you get the result that you desire then there will be no need to take the formal step of going to see a lawyer. If not, you have lost very little trying and have acted reasonably.

So, contact us now to find out more.


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